Yoga Flow for Neck and Shoulders Level 1

Yoga Flow For Neck and Shoulders Level 1

I have to admit I love this practice.

I made it for people who are injured or very locked up in the neck and shoulders, but it turns out it’s just my speed too.

I know many of you find the routines offered online are inaccessible. So, I brought out the chair and most basic moves and am sure that everyone can do at least some of this. Even if you skip straight to the delicious lying-on-your-back-with-your-legs-up-while-massaging-your-poor-neck, you’ll be doing yourself a world of good. Honestly, we can all benefit from this kind of self-care, no matter where we are on the flexibility and strength spectrum.


This practice is the perfect compliment to my more instructional video Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Part 1:

I highly encourage you to do both the practices together. Regular practice WILL give you relief!!
But if you don’t stop the bad habits that create the problem, this process will be long, frustrating, and possibly futile.

For tips on how to identify and fix your posture problems, please watch my Easy Fixes for Bad Posture video:

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Props you may need:

Yoga Chair

Yoga mat

Yoga Bolster

Yoga Blanket

Yoga Strap

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