When I was recommended to work with Caitilin for my knee, my expectation for a good outcome was pretty low. I was very much surprised that after five sessions, my knee pain and swelling were gone. I continue doing the exercises that Caitilin taught me every day. Not only my knee, but I feel much better with my core strength and flexibility. I wish I would have known her earlier and not had a year of knee pain and swelling when exercising. Thank you!
Caitilin’s fierce compassion and dedication is unparalleled. It is so much more than yoga. I have done many types of one on one sessions and I have never found someone so grounded, so present, and powerfully knowledgeable as I have found in Caitilin. She combines her learned knowledge and wisdom with her intuition to search out just the right teaching to help me arrive at exactly where I need to be that day. It might be a session of vigorous yoga to lift me up and wring me out, or it might be a teaching on breathing techniques to quiet and balance my soul from my crazy life. Either way, I leave feeling empowered to make the changes I need to make and to live healthier than I did the day before. Thank you Caitilin you are truly blessed!
Caitilin and I began private practice very soon after my foot surgery. She encouraged me to begin without waiting for the recovery and creatively set up a practice that was all accomplished on the matt with supports and without any stress on my foot. She was correct in that it did aid in my recovery and was extremely beneficial in strengthening other areas of my body during this recovery period. Additionally, Caitilin has an amazing way of verbalizing the steps you need to take to reach the deeper muscle groups, making each familiar pose feel like one you have never done before. Her calm energy and strength are inspiring in class and long after you drive off to begin your day.
I came to Caitilin’s class with a combination of things that had led to much pain and had forced me to stop my yoga practice for several months. I had the start of arthritis in the cervical spine after several whiplash injuries in my youth, and had been experiencing muscle spasms and pain in my thoracic spine, shoulders and neck. From the moment I began taking Caitilin’s class I felt I was in the right hands, and was so impressed by her knowledge.

I learned from her that I had slight scoliosis, and what steps I should take in accommodating my practice. It came as a surprise to me to feel how certain areas of my back were overworked and others were under worked and how to accommodate each. Caitilin offers a safe and supportive environment in her classes and gives variations to postures as well as insight for aiding the injury towards healing. She takes the time to give everyone – whether in a small group or one to one - the attentive focus to work through their injury and regain their overall strength, flexibility, and to correctly practice towards healing.
Caitilin played an integral role in my healing journey with breast cancer. With her instruction and support, restorative yoga became an invaluable tool that helped me navigate the most difficult year of my life. Caitilin is experienced and knowledgeable, yet humble. She truly carries herself with grace. These qualities, coupled with the magical studio by the pond, supported me emotionally, spiritually and physically, as I went through surgery and chemotherapy. She really helped me immensely, and for this, I will be forever grateful.
What I am experiencing from my Zoom private yoga session with Caitilin is way more than I ever expected from a Zoom lesson. Along with Caitilin’s exceptional knowledge of anatomy and yoga, she is laser-focused on everything I am doing, every which way my body moves, and what I need to do to self-correct. It can be the smallest detail: move your right pinky left… whatever the adjustment, is vital to aligning my body correctly. The interesting part of this is that I am doing the adjustments, rather than an instructor doing it for me. Caitilin customizes my sessions to meet me exactly where I am both physically and mentally. She understands my capabilities and also how I need to develop. The work we are doing together is mindful, skillful, and safe. This intelligent work has deepened my understanding of my body allowing me to become more in tune with my vessel on and off the mat. I am grateful for the work that we are doing together.
Originally I started working with Caitilin to improve my flexibility for riding, and I soon discovered that there were several other benefits to be gained. For example, I had learned to live with a restricted range of motion in my left shoulder from a “frozen shoulder” a number of years before. Caitilin did not think that was acceptable and within a few months the range of movement was almost back to where it had been before the problem. Later I had issues with high blood pressure. There are several exercises, including breath work, that Caitilin has taught me that have made a significant difference and have become part of my regime to reduce it to normal. Caitilin is the kind of person who would naturally start learning how to ride because she wanted to understand the exact issues her many riding clients face. The result is that the original flexibility I sought for my riding has improved and I have these other benefits too. Then there is the way I feel after an hour with Caitilin, which is about the best I feel at any other time of the week.
Caitilin showed me that yoga has many sides. When my shoulders feel as though they're attached to my ears, Caitilin guides me through gentle, restorative poses. When I feel so scattered I can't find my car keys, Caitilin helps me focus, re-channel my energy, and breathe. And when I feel another birthday creeping up on me, she surprises me by showing just how young and flexible and strong my body is becoming. Caitilin has the knack of saying just the right thing, in just the right tone of voice, and of putting her finger right on the area that needs adjusting, both literally and figuratively.
Caitilin is tuned in to her students' needs. She aligns bodies to turn a static pose into one with energy. Caitilin's knowledge of yoga helps her to create a class that gradually warms up and lengthens muscles, allowing her students to reach their full potential. Caitilin's class leaves the students feeling well rested and energized all at the same time. I highly recommend it!
When I met Caitilin I was very skeptical about her belief that I could be without pain. Dozens of doctors had not been able to cure me, and I’d lost hope. But with kindness and persistence, she directed me into a better place. Initially, after each session with her my body did feel better, but quickly returned to a state of pain. After a few months, my range of motion increased and the pain decreased. After some more time, I’m even better. Maybe it's the lifestyle changes, maybe it's the exercises, maybe it's the new foods I’m eating. I can't put my finger on any one thing that caused the change, but what is certain is that she is behind all these, and that this is the fruit of her work. After 20 years of excruciating pain, my body is finally feeling much better.
After I suffered a back injury, I would often experience debilitating pain or tightness that left me unable to sleep or go about my day as I normally would. I am an otherwise healthy individual in my 30s, and so I was devastated to think that this was my new normal. Caitlin dispelled those fears. She helped me recover from a particularly painful episode, but more importantly, she set me on a path to long term wellness. With careful attention and kindness, Caitlin guided me through simple yet precise postures that not only made the pain disappear, but have since proven to be remarkably effective preventative measures. I have been pain free for over 5 months. Moreover, my mobility and awareness of my body has increased for the better. Caitlin’s healing power extends beyond her knowledge of anatomy—she is kindness and patience incarnate, an incomparable positive and encouraging presence. There is no better guide for your journey to self-healing.
Elaine Wilson
I recently began practicing yoga with several physical limitations due to back and muscle surgeries and Caitilin's understanding of anatomy and how the human body works allowed me to begin a practice safely. Both in private and group settings I have felt that I am able to work to the best of my ability with the encouragement and the corrections that she offers with each pose. Caitilin has a very gentle and calm personality which fits perfectly with the practice of yoga. She knows when to push us forward a bit and she is very responsive to the mood of the class. She has made yoga an important part of my life.
When I met Caitilin, I had tried seriously for 15 years to get into Yoga, but couldn’t. I went to several well known places with classes taught by very accomplished teachers, but I invariably came out feeling that I wasn’t doing it right, that “the exercises” seemed surprisingly easy or impossibly hard. When Caitilin worked with me, it all made a lot of sense, and I could see what I needed to do, how to go about it, and how much more there is ahead. I’m 51, and I feel stronger and more vibrant than I did 15 years ago.
Last year I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff issue that was brought on by a combination of tension and improper use of my body as a professional dog trainer. Surgery was mentioned as a possibility and I was told by a physical therapist that yoga could possibly turn things around for me. The issue was finding a really qualified yoga teacher and I found that person in Caitilin Twain.

An unexpected bonus was that my gastrointestinal issues have been cured. I had been told by my doctor that I had a chronic case of diverticulitis and that I couldn't expect relief. Caitilin gave me some exercises and helped me re-asses my eating habits, and six months into the practice I found relief from something I thought would be a lifelong problem.

I am now finally going in the right direction with my body.
I had reconstructive surgery (due to breast cancer) which relocated my latisimus dorsi muscles (in my back) to the front of my body. This has created issues for me including deep knotted muscles and restrictions on certain postures. Caitlin has been so in tune with my issues - more than my doctors - and has offered me such helpful postures and stretches which make me stronger and feeling better.
I came to Caitilin after a diagnosis of scoliosis explained the aches and imbalances I'd experienced for years. Working with her has improved my flexibility and strength and reduced the pain. But more importantly, our practice has restored my confidence in what my body is capable of.