The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

"Eat the Rainbow" with this Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Have you ever heard that you should “eat the rainbow”?

It means you should try to eat fruits and veggies in a variety of colors. Each of these colors is an indicator of specific phytonutrients with different nourishing properties, all of them necessary for a long and healthy life. Nutritionist Danielle Omar has written an excellent article on this subject that you should check out for more in-depth information.

I have figured out that my body is happiest when at least 75% of my diet is vegetables. I also try to make sure to mix up my veggies, especially when it comes down to color. This smoothie makes it super easy for me to meet my nutritional goals. The veggies are beet, carrots, and celery. I add an apple too.

It’s not only colorful, it also contains anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric. I prefer to use the roots, but if you only have them in powdered form that’ll have to do. I also add some black pepper because it boosts the healing properties of turmeric exponentially. Coconut oil is a fat I eat several times a week for its own nutritional benefits, and it’s used here because turmeric becomes much more bioavailable when carried by fat. Sometimes I add a kiss of local honey, especially as spring approaches, in order to help me avoid spring allergies.

The portions should be adjusted according to your tastes, your nutritional needs, and what is in your kitchen.

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Voila! I hope you enjoy one of my favorite smoothies!

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