Guided Full-Body Relaxation

Relieve stress and fall asleep fast with this full-body scan.

A full-body scan helps you be more grounded, more embodied, and that in turn can lead to a sense of ease and relaxation. When we move the nervous system into a relaxed state, we can release stress and fall asleep faster.
This full-body scan is an opportunity to dive deep into sensing your whole body with full awareness. We start with the tips of the toes and gradually move awareness up the body, just noticing what we can notice, without judging good or bad, right or wrong.
We learn to become aware of the physical manifestation of our emotional state, and how the body and the mind are intimately connected. We learn to relax the mind by relaxing the body, and vice versa.
I hope you gain many insights from this practice, as well as an excellent, deep sleep.
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