Easy Fixes For Bad Posture

Easy Fixes For Bad Posture

It’s great that you want stretch and strengthen to get out of your pain patterns, but it will be a frustratingly long and possibly futile process if you don’t stop the pain at its source. Think about it, if you log in 1 hour of exercise to fix yourself, but spend the following 23 hours undoing that work, how much progress do you think you’ll actually make?

Watch the video of Easy Fixes For Bad Posture below as I walk you through basic alignment, and how to maintain it in some of the most common ways we spend the bulk of our time. After this video, you should be able to determine how to adjust your environment to support healthy posture. If not, reach out and we can strategize!

You are not alone if you find you can not get your ears over your shoulders. Years of western living have likely locked you into perpetual misalignment, possibly contributing to constant neck, shoulder, and back pain, as well as headaches, and even ear and toothaches. But it IS possible to correct this, no matter what your age, through a combination of massage, stretching, and strengthening. I’ll be sharing many tips for how to get your bones back into place so can finally be in a pain-free state. But some of you may be working with injuries and needing a customized plan. Click on the link below to book a consultation with me so we can create a program that is designed for your very specific needs.

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