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Direct Sessions

Occasionally, I can open up availability for one-on-one sessions.

Due to my very limited availability, I’m only accepting new students who are highly motivated to do what is required to achieve their goals. 

This means showing up for yourself every day in a way that respects and protects your healing process.

This option is a considerable investment into your health. These options will be discussed with you directly.

If this sounds like the right path for you, please book an inquiry with me using the button below.

I kindly ask that you answer all inquiry questions honestly, as they will help me to support you as well as possible. All your responses will remain purely confidential.

Online Coaching

As part of my commitment to help as many people as possible on their journey into healing, growing, and thriving, I created my online coaching courses.

These coaching courses offer a mixture of online programs that you can take in your own time and packaged with breathwork and Q&A sessions with me to get you on the right path.

Group sessions and a community enables sharing in a committed group of like-minded people.

The community will be there to cheer you on and lift you up, wherever you are on your journey.

This is a perfect option for anyone on a restricted budget but who are still eager to start a new journey into holistically healing.

Click the button below to open the coaching platform and see your options!